4th of July Flashback

I just realized that I never posted this dessert I made for 4th of July...just like how I forgot to serve it at our 4th of July BBQ.  

Yogurt Mousse w/ Berries [07.06.2010]

Not the best picture - doesn't do the dessert justice, but I guess I was going all out for the Red, White & Blue theme.

The yogurt mousse was made with my fav -Fage Greek Yogurt.  Now that stuff is addicting!  I used a recipe from "LeB" in NYC that I was lucky enough to get.  It was definitely my favorite dessert there...and trust me, I had them ALL there.  The berries are tossed in a Lemon Verbena syrup...YUM.

Time to start planning the next BBQ for sure!


  1. hmm..i forgot to eat desserts :(

  2. You left SO early! But I think you made up for missing dessert with all the cookies you ate...