I'm not sure if I can remember all the ways egg proteins can be denatured off the top of my head, but I'll give it a try:
- alcohol
- salt
- heat
- agitation
- acid
- time

I mention this fun little fact because it has to do with my next dessert.  

Lemon Pudding Cake [04.01.2010]

If you've ever made lemon curd, you know that use a number of these methods to denature your egg proteins - acid from lemon juice, heat from the stovetop, agitation from whisking, time and perhaps salt.  

This cake is like making a curd by baking except with the addition of flour.  The batter separates in the oven - all the liquids fall to the bottom of the mold and curdle while a soft spongy cake develops on top.  After flipping the cake out, you a the curd sitting atop a fluffy cake. 

I love the light and silky texture of this cake.  It is served with macerated strawberries and lightly sweetened creme fraiche. 

BTW, I looked it up and I had forgotten UV radiation as a way to denature proteins.

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