Finger Lickin' Limes

 Finger Lime [01.14.2011]
The Finger Lime originates in Australia where it is a common bushfood and is often pickled or made into marmalade.  In recent years has been grown and cultivated in California.  Here, the Finger Lime is available from October through mid-January. 

The fruit itself is cylindrical in shape, resembling a gherkin with a typical citrus peel and comes in numerous colors - yellow, orange, red, purple, black, brown and most often green.  It is commonly referred to as "The Caviar of Citrus" due to the numerous sphere-like juice vessels contained within.  When bitten, the firm spheres pop in your mouth releasing an intense burst of tangy citrus juice.  Finger Limes are often used as a garnish on sashimi, but as you can see below, I have implemented its use in a dessert.

Key Lime "Pie" [01.30.2011]

This plated dessert consists of crumbled graham cracker crust, key lime mousse, meringue, finger lime and rhubarb gelee.  The dessert is light - sweet yet tangy, but you get a punch at the end when you bite into the finger lime.  I think it's a nice little surprise for the unsuspecting. 

As you may be able to tell from my recently redesigned banner and page, I am really happy about how this photo came out.  It's clean and sharp and I love the contrasting pink and green colors. 


♥ Valentine's Day and Some Whoopie!

I find it interesting to see to what degree others celebrate Valentine's Day.  Some go all out with the wining and dining while others verbally curse the Hallmark Holiday.

I personally take the middle ground - a thoughtful card and something meaningful.  But I do love any holiday where I can bake some treats to share with everyone important to me.

Chocolate & Raspberry Whoopie Pies [02.13.2011]

I found this the perfect opportunity to make whoopie pies - something I've wanted to make for years, but never got around to it.  The "Valentine" twist - raspberry flavored filling.

Although they are very cute in their own right and a classic American treat, I couldn't help feeling like a little magic was missing.  How could you not compare these little sandwich cookies to macarons?   Macarons are made with only the best ingredients and are so much more refined and delicate.  Hmmm...quite the parallel.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy some Whoopie!  ♥


I ♥ Persimmons!

I figure I'd catch up on the Persimmon post I've been meaning to do for oh let's say about a month and a half.  Persimmons aren't a very common fruit which may have to do with it's short season of availability - October through December.  They are however very popular in Asia and ever since I was young, I looked forward to having this sweet fruit in the winter.  

The two major types are Fuyu, which resembles a squat tomato, is firm and non-astringent and Hachiya, which can be VERY astringent and should only be eaten when very soft and ripe.

Hachiya Persimmons [12.19.2010]

I absolutely love the Hachiya Persimmons and for the past few years one of my co-workers brings me some from her tree!  Now having the patience for them to ripen is a little torturous for me, but very rewarding - the pulp is so juicy and sweet!  I do have to restrain myself however from devouring the whole harvest so that I can make Persimmon Bread - another once a year treat!

Persimmon Bread [01.19.2011]

I use the James Beard recipe with a few little changes.  The bread comes out so moist that a few people have thought it was bread pudding.

I need to stop writing now - I'm getting sad that I won't have this again for a whole year.