Rosemary Citrus Olive Oil Cake

I find that cakes made with oil are quite moist, so I decided to go the Italian route.  With olive oil as a base, I decided to add rosemary and citrus.  

Rosemary Citrus Olive Oil Cake [04.11.2010]

The cake batter has finely chopped rosemary as well as orange and lemon zest.  I sprinkled the top with raw pinenuts before baking.  To glaze the top of the cake, I made a thick syrup by steeping a rosemary sprig with sugar, orange juice and lemon juice.  This gave the cake a beautiful shine a bit of a tang.  I'm not sure what initially inspired me to make this cake, but it's been on my to-do list for a while.  I was very happy with the results - the texture was perfect and held up.  The cake was full of flavor, yet it was still light and refreshing.  It make the perfect snack - morning, noon and night!


  1. Moist cake is the best. I think all cake has to be that way. I used to have some Spekkoek that my mom baked and it was very moist because she put tons of butter, yumm!

  2. I agree! When you mom is in town, she will have to make some Spekkoek for me to try - looks good!