Complex Corn

There are so many varieties of corn.  They are not only distinguished by color but also by their amount of sugar in relation to starch.  

A few weeks ago at the produce market, I came across red corn.  I have only seen colored corn in its dry form.  Obviously, I had to buy a few ears.  Then, just a the other day, I saw red corn at work.  It was a sign - this post is overdue.  

After a little contemplation, I decided to make risotto with crab - a totally indulgent dish.  It was creamy and rich.  Risotto is way easier to make than one may think.  Because of this, it's definitely become one of my go-to dishes.  It's also great because it's a  good platform for seasonal ingredients to shine.  Keep that in mind the next time you want to make something a little different for dinner!

Red Corn [07.10.2010]

Red Corn & Crab Risotto [07.18.2010]

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