Happy 4th Birthday Sir "Creases" Barksdale

Our sweet little English Bulldog turned 4 yesterday.  In the morning, he took a trip to the pet store to pick out a toy and some treats.  For lunch, he had a rare steak with a side of kibble.  And to top it off, he had a slice of Pupcake after dinner!  A dog's life, huh? 

I'm not going to lie - for the Pupcake I just threw a bunch of unmeasured ingredients in a bowl.
- Whole Wheat Flour
- Oats
- Grated Apple
- Honey
- Egg
- Apple Juice
- Olive Oil
- Baking Powder
Although there wasn't much flavor, it was surprisingly very moist!  (Yes, I tried the Pupcake.)  Crease seemed to enjoy it, but then again, I've never seen him turn down anything edible.


Southern Style Cupcakes

Banana Bourbon & Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes

Earlier this month, we celebrated Steph's Birthday at Hard Knox Cafe.  Since we were chowing down on some good ol' southern comfort food, I decided to make mini cupcakes in fitting flavors.

At dinner, my friend from I've Got Fashionitis asked me to make the same cupcakes for an In-Store Party she was throwing for some of her best clients.  She is fast becoming my best customer!  Since this was a promotional event for the company, I also made some logo flags to decorate the cupcakes.


Farewell to Foie

Foie Gras Ice Cream
Foie Gras Ice Cream // Cardamom Sponge
Strawberry Gastrique // Strawberries // Brioche & Foie Gras Crumble

As California fast approaches it's July 2012 ban on foie gras, many restaurants have decided to give it a "going away party" of sorts by offering Foie Gras Tasting Menus.  I'm hopping on the "ban" wagon.  I'm currently offering this on my dessert menu and soon it will be featured on Chef's Farewell to Foie aka the "Foiegettabout It" 3-Course Menu during the months of May & June.

Get it while you can!


Textures of Chocolate & Olive Oil

Textures of Chocolate & Olive Oil
Devil's Food Cake // Olive Oil Ganache // Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Crutons // Orange Scrented Chocolate Custard
Olive Oil Powder // Maldon Salt


Matcha, Rhubarb & Yogurt

Matcha, Rhubarb & Yogurt
Matcha Mousse // Rhubarb Sorbet
Poached Rhubarb // Yogurt Espuma 
Matcha Crumble // Matcha Powder // Rhubarb Sauce

Matcha Mousse
1/4 c         Milk
1/2 t          Matcha Powder
2 sheets   Gelatin, bloomed
2               Yolks
1 T            Sugar
7 oz          White Chocolate
1/2 c         Greek Yogurt
3/4 c         Cream, soft peaks

In a pot whisk together cold milk and matcha, BTAB
Add gelatin to dissolve
Combine yolks and sugar - temper into milk mixture and cook to a nappe
Add white chocolate to melt, use very low heat if necessary being careful not to scorch
Transfer to a bowl and whisk in cold yogurt
When mixture is no longer warm, fold in cream
Transfer to molds or glasses to serve


♥ A & M Wedding ♥

The first wedding event of the year!

My friend from I've Got Fashionitis asked Bonbini! and I to make a macaron tower for her client's wedding.  Initially, it was a little difficult to work it into our schedules, but we finally figured it out.  I'm glad we were able to do it!  Hopefully it made a nice addition to their dessert table and the guests enjoyed them.

Macaron Tower
Purple - Chocolate Passion Fruit
Dusted Silver - Vanilla

For details on ordering your very own Macaron Tower, visit the Macaron Towers tab at the top of this page!


Chocolate Pot de Creme

Chocolate Pot de Creme
Coconut Espuma // Toasted Coconut // Cocoa Nibs // Lime Zest

Make your favorite Chocolate Pot de Creme recipe.  (For home use, I do not recommend baking your custard in a glass.)  The following recipe will make a light and refreshing coconut foam to cut the richness of the custard.  Add the foam just before serving. 

Coconut Espuma
800 g          Coconut Milk
25 g            Sugar
3 g              Egg White Powder
1.5 g           Xanthan Gum

Combine all ingredients in a blender
Pour into a  1 qt siphon
Charge with 2 charges, shaking for 1 min after each
Refrigerate for 1 hour before use