A couple of months ago, I bought the smallest tart rings I could find - 2.75" diameter.   Needless to say, I started tart making right away.

Lemon Lavender Tarts [04.13.2010]

Chocolate Custard Tarts [04.20.2010]

For the lemon lavender tarts, I made a regular lemon curd with dried lavender.  Once the curd was made, I strained out the lavender, filled tart shells that I pre-baked and finished the tarts in the oven for about 5 minutes.  I also ground together some sugar, lemon zest and dried lavender to sprinkle on the finished tarts.  

The chocolate custard starts as a basic sweetened ganache but with the addition of flavor and egg.  As with the lemon lavender tarts, I filled tart shells I had pre-baked and finished them in the oven.  For the finishing touch, I added a piece of edible gold leaf - thanks Thip!

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