Sweet Basil

For some, basil in a dessert may seem odd.  I personally love it - it's light and refreshing and the flavor goes especially well with peaches and strawberries.  

Basil Frozen Souffle [03.30.2010]

I made the frozen souffle by steeping basil into cream overnight, giving it that fresh basil flavor and over all pale green color.  For the basil specks, I blanched some basil and then pureed it a little bit of corn syrup to keep it from turning brown.  I don't use the blanched basil as flavoring because it will affect the final outcome of the flavor - i merely use it for it's visual effect.   

Plated with the Basil Frozen Souffle is basil syrup, poached peaches, peach sorbet, amoretti crumble and fresh basil.

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