I know that it's been a while - that means that I'm catching up!  

For the Fourth of July, I made pulled pork.  It was kind of unbelievable how easy it was, but a little scary at the same time.  Right before I went to sleep, I blotted my pork butt to remove extra moisture, applied a dry rub and popped it into a 300 degree oven.  Scared as I was that I would wake up to a lump of charcoal in the oven, I awoke to quite the contrary!  8 hours later, the most amazing smell was permeating throughout the house.  The meat just needed to be "forked" and tossed with a BBQ sauce I made a couple nights before. If you know me, you know that I rarely eat leftovers, but I ate this four days in a row!

So easy, so delicious and inexpensive too.  Perfect party food for sure! 

Pulled Pork Sandwich [07.07.2010]

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