EGGcelent Easter Eggs!

I had some fun indulging my inner child with the BFF as we dyed some eggs for Easter.  She managed to master the "Dinosaur Egg" look, while I spent my afternoon trying to perfect the random stripe look. Many do the stripes with rubber bands, but I didn't have very many rubber bands on hand.  I decided instead to actually use my Japanese Washi Tape for something, albeit only the skinniest of them...


Small Bites

Beet Buttermilk Sherbet 
Marinated Beets, Pickled Radish

Carrot Papaya Sorbet
Heirloom Carrot Threads, Cocoa Nib Crumb


Mascarpone Cheesecake v2.0

Mascarpone Cheesecake
Blueberry Confit // Roasted Blueberry Sorbet
Blueberry Meringue Sticks // Streusel Crust
Blueberry Espuma // Mascarpone Cream

*My most popular dessert revamped for Spring!*


Chèvre Mousse

Chèvre Mousse
Pistachio Sponge // Apricot Sorbet
Cardamom Infused Apricot Preserves // Sicilian Pistachios


Basil Panna Cotta

Basil Panna Cotta
Rhubarb Sorbet // Compressed Rhubarb // Macerated Strawberries
Strawberry Paper // Basil Powder // Strawberry Liquid Gel


The New Season Dawns...

Dessert Spread & Partyware in Red & Gold

Spring?  No.  I'm talking about the start of the 2013 NFL season - it officially starts today at 1 PM.  No, not the games, just the go ahead for teams to start making trades and pick up free agents.  I'm fairly certain that most of my readers aren't avid football fans, so I promise to bring the food, the cute and the fun to this post...just hang in there!  With this new beginning, I suppose that I'm ready to share all the goodies from the Super Bowl party that I threw and look forward to a new season - It's time to put that disappointing end to last season behind us.

San Francisco City Hall in Red & Gold

Savory Menu:
Not Shown ~ Soy Garlic Chicken Wing & Deviled Eggs

Pulled Pork Sliders
Football Shaped Chicken Pot Pies

Sweet Menu:
Shown Above ~ Red Velvet & Lemon Cupcakes

Red & Gold Macarons
Football Shaped Brownie Bites

Adult Menu:
Not Shown ~ Lots of Booze

Red & Gold Vodka Jell-O Shots

Best of luck to my San Francisco 49ers in the 2013 season!  
*We kept the poster to use again, so don't let us down!*


Bestie's Flirty 30!

Here's a better late than never post...

Late January we celebrated my BFF's 30th Birthday.  I made some "30" cookies for party favors and some mini cupcakes as treats.  Thanks Annie, for being the first to brave the big 3-0!  I had fun celebrating with you ♥!!!


Strawberry & Chambord Opera

Strawberry & Chambord Opera
Chambord Sponge // Strawberry Buttercream // Thyme Sorbet
White Chocolate // Strawberry Preserve // Lemon Curd
Strawberries Macerated in Chambord // Brown Butter Crumb // Freeze Dried Strawberry Dust


Mascarpone Cheesecake

Mascarpone Cheesecake
Compressed Green Apple // Quince Sorbret
Green Apple Meringue Sticks // Streusel Crust
Green Apple Espuma //  Mascarpone Cream

This was added to the menu about 2 months ago...I figure I better share it since it is about to get a springtime revamping!


Wine & Wishes 2013

Beets, Buttermilk, Radish, Citrus, Olive

This year, Wine & Wishes was held on Treasure Island.  The bonus was the amazing view we had from our table on a gorgeous San Francisco day!


Intercontinental SF's 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

On February 28, 2013 the hotel celebrated it's 5th Anniversary.  Among the festivities, the restaurant hosted a dinner for 120 special guests.

Scallop, Abalone, King Trumpet Mushroom
Ricotta Agnolotti, Celariac Apple Puree, Watermelon Radish, Hazelnut
Ribeye, Sunchoke, Date Puree
Rosemary Pavlova, Huckleberries, Lemon Cream, Pine Nut

As a bonus, here are some behind the scenes photos...


Hello Blogger, We Meet Again...

Yes I know, I've been in a bit of a hibernation from blogging this past month...or two.  There's been a lot going on at work and at home - is this what it feels like to be an adult?  Lots of work events, lots of social gatherings, holidays, celebrations, etc...  Every week delivered a full plate and there was never a dull moment.  I must admit that I was also consumed with the NFL and that after rediscovering Instagram, "insta-sharing" and hashtags were just such an easy way to share my daily going ons.  Notice the feed over on the left?  Go ahead and follow me @pastrypixels!

As you may have guessed, I've got tons of pictures and projects to share.  Keep checking back, because I'll be updating often to catch up.  Many apologies for the recent lack of posts!