Hot Churros!

Churros fresh out of the fryer are the bestI wouldn't say I'm a churro expert, but I've had a few in my day - none in an "authentic" setting however.  Have you ever had a cold one?  I have, at AT&T - hard and stale.  Yuck!  I think the best are at Disneyland.  They fly off the cart so fast that they don't have time to go bad.  (It might also have to do with that whole "magical" thing they have going on.)

Churros [04.24.2010]

Since Disneyland isn't just around the corner, I decided it was time to make my own churro.  I scanned through a few recipes online - the batter seemed to be a basic pate a choux that was piped and fried.  However, the one I decided on using was a pate a choux without the eggs.  I had my reservations because I thought it would come out too dense.  However, this recipe had the most positive feedback, so I went for it.  

I was pleased with the results.  The outside ridges were crispy and the inside was soft and not raw, but slightly chewy, which I personally liked.  I served the churros with a caramel dipping sauce.  I believe that using a thermometer was helpful in even frying, since many reviews had problems with burning the outside and raw dough inside.   

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  1. i love churros! a disneyland/childhood thing, i guess. have you had the churros con chocolate at cesar in oakland before? they're pretty yummy...