Mac Attack

As some of you may know, once you start making macarons, you just can't stop - it's a Mac Attack.   

Saffron & Yuzu Macarons [04.10.2010]

Black Sesame & Coconut Macarons [04.10.2010]

After making the Corn & Blueberry macarons, I was on a roll.  The funny thing is that I'm not the biggest fan of macarons.  I usually find them a bit sweet.  However, the saffron & yuzu macs in the first picture were quite agreeable to my palate - they had a nice tang to them from the yuzu buttercream.  I liked the nutty flavor of the black sesame shell, however, with the white chocolate coconut ganache filling, the second set of macs were definitely too sweet for me.

And although they are not my favorite sweet to eat, I really appreciate them and enjoy the challenge of making them, as they can be very finicky.  I was lucky enough to be given a a formula that I find fool proof.  The only thing is that when you try a new formula, it may take a couple of tries before getting it right in your own oven - so if you're having problems, don't give up!

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  1. those were soooo good laura. i need to rally up some courage to try making macarons again :P