Happy Birthday RoBEAR!

Although we planned to be away for my boyfriend's birthday, he mentioned to me that he likes how I make him a birthday cake each year.  So I ended up planning an early birthday party with his immediate family and my parents at a Korean BBQ restaurant that he likes.  Instead of embarrassing him at the restaurant, which he would not like, we cut the cake at home.

It's a malt flavored cake with chocolate frosting.  This looks like a total kids cake doesn't it?  :D


♥ J & J Wedding ♥

Last weekend my cousin Joleigh was married to James in Mill Valley, CA in a vintage themed wedding.  Unfortunately, I had already planned a weekend getaway and was not able to attend.  However, my family reported on all the dancing and merriment as well as shared some pictures with me of the special day - my cousin looked absolutely stunning!  And although I couldn't be there, I did make the happy couple a macaron tower for their dessert table with the help of my friend Thip from Bonbini!  Joleigh and her mother LOVE macarons and I'm sure it has to be rubbing off on James by now! 

Macaron Tower (Photo by Namthip Paine of Bonbini!)
 (L to R) Pistachio, Passion Fruit & Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Macarons

The making of these macarons was the beginning of the most hectic 2 weeks ever for me.  Although Thip and I make macarons regularly, we have never made them in such a large quantity.  It was a bit of a challenge doing it at home, but I think we did a good job!  

Congratulations to Joleigh & James - Wishing you all the best! ♥


SoCAL Figs

Heart-Shaped Fig (photo by Dien Nguyen)

My friend Dien of I've Got Fashionitis was visiting her family in Orange County and she let it slip that her mom has a fig tree!  Dien and I have a common love for fresh produce, especially picking our own...but that's a story for another time.  

I put in a request for a few of these SoCAL figs and Dien delivered!  She even threw in a few wild guava (sorry no pics).  I was quite lucky that there were any figs for me because Dien's mom cuts the off the tree and throws them away so the crows don't come!  I almost died laughing when I heard that.

The flesh of these figs were a vibrant reddish pink.  I used a few to make a vanilla fig syrup and macerated the rest of the figs with it.  I served it over a Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta.  It was a creamy, yet refreshing treat.

Thanks again Dien for flying home some figs for me!


Chocolate Cremeux

Chocolate Cremeux
Malt Ice Cream
Chocolate Sauce // Cocoa Crumble // Chocolate Garnish


Congratulations Betty!

Photo by Betty Yu
I attended a celebratory dinner for one of my newest friends and I couldn't show up empty-handed!  Betty was making a big move from NYC to Miami to further her journalism career.  The girls and I were quite excited to catch up and celebrate with Betty on her visit home.

Macarons served in a bowl are a great idea.  It transforms this "fancy" treat into a fun pile of colorful sweetness.  Make sure you don't pile the macs up too high or use delicate macarons otherwise you'll have smashed macs on the bottom...still tasty, but not so pretty. 

Macarons in Miami Colors
Raspberry with Crystallized Rose
Mango with Cayenne Pepper

Congratulations Betty and Best of Luck on Your New Miami Adventure!