Corn & Blueberries

Most may not think of corn as a common dessert flavor, but when you think about it's natural sweetness, it becomes more apparent. Blueberries go well with corn, so I made a blueberry compote.  Because blueberries have a large amount of pectin, it just needs to be cooked with a bit of sugar and you are left with a thick and flavorful compote.  

Sweet Corn Pot de Creme [04.03.2010]

I ended up making corn and blueberry macarons to serve with the pot de creme.  I used semolina and corn meal in addition to the almond meal for the shell.  This gave them an extra crunch.  They are filled with the compote, which worked perfectly because it was thick and the shells did not slide.  

Always happy when macarons come out well!  :)

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