Killed by Dessert Bake Sale SF

Killed by Dessert was founded by six renowned Pastry Chefs - Lincoln Carson, Bill Corbett, Brooks Headley, Michael Laiskonis, Francisco Migoya and Christina Tosi.

Their Mission:
"We seek to create an intimate atmosphere, to encourage
interaction, and to remove the typical barriers between those who cook and those who eat. Most of all, we simply like the idea of getting together, doing the thing that we like doing most. All proceeds generated from Killed by Dessert go to Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry Campaign."

After events in NYC and Austin, Killed by Dessert made it's way to San Francisco in May.  It kicked off with a bake sale that was open to the public.  Held at the new San Francisco Cooking School on Van Ness, foodies and industry-folk alike were anxiously lined-up before the doors opened to get their sugar fix.

I stopped by on the way to work with one of my co-workers.  The event was well organized and offered countless goodies from not only the founding Pastry Chefs, but also some well-known local ones.  The photo above is the loot we walked away with - don't worry, we shared!

Porcini S'mores

Olive Oil Financier - Lemon Curd & Pistachio

The following night was a "15-course Dessert Dinner" - a detailed post to follow!


Radio Silent.

I have a good excuse...kind of.  I recently went on my first 2+ week vacation in...well, in as long as I can remember.  Leading up to it of course was quite the chaotic mess.  I spent long days prepping out as much as I could at work, getting ready for the trip and spending some time celebrating birthdays and enjoying some sweet events.

Needless to say, I have a lot to catch you up on - my next few posts will include vacation highlights and  posts on the Killed by Dessert event I attended in late May, turning 30... and maybe even a post on going Paleo.  *gasp*

Below is a picture of the illusive "Cronut" from Chef Dominique Ansel in NYC - just one snippet of an amazing trip.

Lemon Maple Cronut - Dominique Ansel Bakery, NYC

Besides promising to dedicate more time to my blog, I'm also working a new dessert menu at work.  Lots to do, but ready to refocus my energy and get down to business!