WOO - 2010!

Hey, at least I'm making some progress - finally pictures from this year.  

Sometimes I just want to practice my photography and I don't exactly have the motivation to bake....

Raspberry Mousse [01.28.2010]

This was the case.  Here, I used some leftover devil's food cake for the base.  I winged a raspberry mousse, which had a bit too much gelatin - you pastry people can tell from the picture.  However, it wasn't necessarily a bad thing for photography.  I actually did photo shoots for this dessert on two separate days because I was initially unhappy with the lighting.  And as you can see - it held up.  

And for a little side note, when working with raspberries , one of my favorite ingredients is the raspberry wine from Trader Joe's.  The raspberry flavor comes through and it's perfectly sweetened - adding just a bit enhances the raspberry flavor to whatever you're making.  This is especially useful when raspberries are not in season.  

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