A Time to Grill

Grilling season has recently started and not only do I love grilled meats - I love grilled fruit!  Grilling fruits bring out it's natural sweetness and there is nothing like eating a piece that is dripping with juices hot off the grill.  Two fruits that I love to grill are peaches and pineapples.

Grilled Pineapple [03.06.2010]

To grill fruit, I like to brush it with olive oil beforehand.  I cook it until it's tender, but I still want it to have some bite - no mushy fruit here!  I also aim for grill marks, so make sure it's hot.  On the stove top, I made a reduction of spiced rum, brown sugar and dried cherries.  I kept it warm and brushed it onto the pineapple after it came off the grill.  It not only gave it another layer of flavor, but a beautiful shine.

I don't have a picture of grilled peaches, but I love them seasoned with salt & pepper.  Try it for yourself - it's amazing!

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