Off-Topic Thursdays

It's official - As much as I love sweets, we're going to need a little break once a week.  I absolutely love the following picture and just had to share!

 Buddha - Kamakura, Japan [01.08.2005]

Saw my BFF the other night and she had just returned from an Asia trip.  That of course reminded me of good times!  Japan is one of my favorite destinations.  We had stopped in Kamakura on a bus tour.  With limited time, I snapped the photo but didn't have time to go inside the buddha - we had to get the soft serve (sakura and purple sweet potato) outside instead.  Hey, I've got my priorities!  

As you can see, this picture was taken over 5 years ago.  At the time, I only had a point and shoot.  I think the picture came out pretty good considering.  I love the light, the shadow, the point of view and how the clouds are rolling by. 

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