Apples from my "Garden"

Garden in quotations because at the time, it really wasn't.  In all honesty, it still isn't.  When the following pictures were taken, the backyard was completely overgrown.  Just this past couple of weeks, we've cut everything down with the exception of the apple tree.  Landscaping by the contractors just started yesterday - I'm going for a more functional space in the yard.

Apples from my Garden [11.05.2009]

Back to the topic at hand, this little apple tree...it was just pruned a couple of days ago in hopes that it will begin to yield larger fruit.  The average apple size in the last harvest was about 2" in diameter!  Of course, it didn't help that the poor tree looked more like a bush.  Despite it's size, they are definitely some of the most delicious and flavorful apples I've enjoyed.

Apple Tasting [11.08.2009]

Let's face it, I  am not crazy about this picture at all.  At the time, I didn't have an appropriate plate and I also remembered scrambling to make everything after work and trying to get the photo before the daylight was gone.  (My lighting issues will most likely be addressed in a later post.)  So here it goes, Apple Tasting from left to right - apple fritter w/ sauteed apples, moist apple cake w/ brown sugar whip cream, apple pie and caramel apple.

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