Just Ripe

Don't you just love it when a particular fruit is in season and you just so happen to come across the most magnificent one you've ever seen?  And it only gets better because once you taste it, the flavor doesn't let you down.

Pomegranate [11.04.2009]

Late last year, I was lucky enough to be bestowed some hand-picked pomegranates by one of the restaurant's suppliers.  They were homegrown and had come from his own tree.  All were cracked and heavier than you would expect - both, signs that they were bursting with juices.  After enjoying a couple, I decided to make a small batch of sorbet with the rest.  Above you see my pomegranate photo collage - cracked pomegranate, pomegranate arils and pomegranate sorbet.

Even though summer is starting, I feel like I am reliving last fall through these posts!

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