Yesterday was a Scorcher...

and poor little Crease couldn't handle it!  Good thing I thought ahead and he was able to enjoy an ice cold Pina Pop!  Pineapple is definitely his favorite fruit - if he spoke English, he would tell you. 

Crease Enjoying a Pina Pop [08.24.2010]

I made the popsicles by cooking down some fresh pineapple with lime juice, sugar and chili powder.  After the pineapple began to break down, I pureed the mixture.  I had reserved some pineapple which I chopped finely and added to the mixture for extra texture in the popsicle.  Yummy for me and for puppy!

Pina Pop [08.24.2010]

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  1. I know, it was so hot yesterday and the day before. Yindee couldn't lay his stomach on the bed. Too bad, I already ate all the basil seed popsicle. :(