Family Road Trip

Last month we took a weekend getaway to glamorous Reno, NV!  :)  It's basically the only place that dad is willing to go.  My usual routine - a stop at Ikeda's in Auburn, either dinner or Sunday brunch at Sterling's, blackjack and shopping at Off 5th.

Ikeda's [07.24.2010]

Ikeda's is an awesome pit stop on a road trip because it's not the usual fast food chain.  It's a family-owned burger bar, fruit stand and bakery.  It's a sort of country store with not only fresh produce, but preserves, gourmet snacks, marinades, etc...  Next time you make that trip on 80E, think about supporting this local business!

As for the rest of my routine, had Sunday brunch at Sterling's - LOVE their filet medallions and key lime pie, broke even on blackjack and scored an awesome pair of Juicy boots at Off 5th.  To top it off, dad won me the Domo that Robert couldn't - maybe because he was a little tipsy.  Successful trip I would say!

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