Chocolate Pot de Creme

Chocolate Pot de Creme
Coconut Espuma // Toasted Coconut // Cocoa Nibs // Lime Zest

Make your favorite Chocolate Pot de Creme recipe.  (For home use, I do not recommend baking your custard in a glass.)  The following recipe will make a light and refreshing coconut foam to cut the richness of the custard.  Add the foam just before serving. 

Coconut Espuma
800 g          Coconut Milk
25 g            Sugar
3 g              Egg White Powder
1.5 g           Xanthan Gum

Combine all ingredients in a blender
Pour into a  1 qt siphon
Charge with 2 charges, shaking for 1 min after each
Refrigerate for 1 hour before use

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