Lunch Desserts with Recipies!

Pistachio Mousse
Caramelized Pistachios // Citrus Segments & Slices
(yield: 15 servings)

100 g          Cream
4 sheets     Gold Gelatin, bloomed
80 g            Sugar
4                 Eggs, separated
70 g            White Chocolate
50 g            Pistachio Paste
300 g          Cream

Bring 100 g of cream to a simmer
Dissolve gelatin into cream
Combine egg yolks and sugar, temper into cream
Cook on medium heat until thickened
Whisk in pistachio paste
Whip egg whites to medium peak, set aside 
Using the same bowl, whip remaining cream to stiff peaks
When pistachio mixture is RT, fold in cream then egg whites
Portion 1/2 c into each glass, chill until set

Orange Scented Bread Pudding
Gin Soaked Golden Raisins & Cranberries // Vanilla Orange Anglaise // Whip Cream  
(yield: 12 servings) 

1 qt            Cream
Zest 1        Orange
1                Vanilla Bean
3/4 c          Sugar
10              Yolks

2 qts          Diced Bread (I prefer a lean bread like a Batard or Levain)
1 1/2 c       Raisins and Cranberries soaked overnight in gin, or slowly brought to a boil

In a pot, combine cream, zest and vanilla - BTAB
Allow to steep for 15 minutes
Combine sugar and yolks and temper into cream, strain
In a bowl, combine mixture, bread and soaked fruit, allow to sit for 30 minutes tossing occasionally
Portion into ramekins
Bake in a foil covered water bath at 325° for 30 minutes
Remove foil and continue to bake for an additional 10-15 minutes, serve warm

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