Happy 4th Birthday Sir "Creases" Barksdale

Our sweet little English Bulldog turned 4 yesterday.  In the morning, he took a trip to the pet store to pick out a toy and some treats.  For lunch, he had a rare steak with a side of kibble.  And to top it off, he had a slice of Pupcake after dinner!  A dog's life, huh? 

I'm not going to lie - for the Pupcake I just threw a bunch of unmeasured ingredients in a bowl.
- Whole Wheat Flour
- Oats
- Grated Apple
- Honey
- Egg
- Apple Juice
- Olive Oil
- Baking Powder
Although there wasn't much flavor, it was surprisingly very moist!  (Yes, I tried the Pupcake.)  Crease seemed to enjoy it, but then again, I've never seen him turn down anything edible.

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