Matcha, Rhubarb & Yogurt

Matcha, Rhubarb & Yogurt
Matcha Mousse // Rhubarb Sorbet
Poached Rhubarb // Yogurt Espuma 
Matcha Crumble // Matcha Powder // Rhubarb Sauce

Matcha Mousse
1/4 c         Milk
1/2 t          Matcha Powder
2 sheets   Gelatin, bloomed
2               Yolks
1 T            Sugar
7 oz          White Chocolate
1/2 c         Greek Yogurt
3/4 c         Cream, soft peaks

In a pot whisk together cold milk and matcha, BTAB
Add gelatin to dissolve
Combine yolks and sugar - temper into milk mixture and cook to a nappe
Add white chocolate to melt, use very low heat if necessary being careful not to scorch
Transfer to a bowl and whisk in cold yogurt
When mixture is no longer warm, fold in cream
Transfer to molds or glasses to serve

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