Part II: Chi-Town [ A L I N E A ]

Entering Alinea

I've been to a handful of 3 Michelin star restaurants that all offered amazing meals.  However, to a certain degree, they were all classically prepared and presented.  At Alinea, the thought process behind each and every detail is evident.  The focus is definitely on the food with it's minimal decor and it's interactive presentation that draws you into the dish at hand.  Dining at Alinea is a complete experience and made quite the impression on me.  After many fancy meals, I am rarely impressed and not easily "wowed."  However, my meal left me feeling incredibly inspired.  When I returned home, my head was filled with ideas and I quickly got to the drawing board developing a new summer dessert menu (posts to follow). 

As promised, below is detailed account of our experience at Alinea through photographs.
Thanks to BFF for accompanying me in eating our salaries.  :)

The Kitchen

Steelhead Roe - carrot, coconut, curry

Oyster Leaf - mignonette / King Crab - passion fruit, heart of palm, allspice / Mussel - saffron, chorizo, oregano / Razor Clam - shiso, soy, daikon

King Crab - passion fruit, heart of palm, allspice

Woolly Pig - fennel, orange, squid

Scallop - acting like agedashi tofu "FauxFu"

Dashi for scallop

Otoro - thai banana, sea salt, kaffir lime

Ice - beet, hibiscus, licorice

Ice - beet, hibiscus, licorice

Burn Morels - ramp, fiddlehead fern, miner's lettuce

Hot Potato - cold potato, black truffle, butter


63 ways

Black Truffle - explosion, romaine, parmesan

Squab - inspired by Miro

Anjou Pear - onion, brie, smoking cinnamon

Ginger - five other flavors

Blueberry - buttermilk, sorrel, macadamia

Blueberry - buttermilk, sorrel, macadamia

Balloon - helium, green apple

White Chocolate - strawberry, english pea, lemon

White Chocolate - strawberry, english pea, lemon

The Menu

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