Finger Lickin' Limes

 Finger Lime [01.14.2011]
The Finger Lime originates in Australia where it is a common bushfood and is often pickled or made into marmalade.  In recent years has been grown and cultivated in California.  Here, the Finger Lime is available from October through mid-January. 

The fruit itself is cylindrical in shape, resembling a gherkin with a typical citrus peel and comes in numerous colors - yellow, orange, red, purple, black, brown and most often green.  It is commonly referred to as "The Caviar of Citrus" due to the numerous sphere-like juice vessels contained within.  When bitten, the firm spheres pop in your mouth releasing an intense burst of tangy citrus juice.  Finger Limes are often used as a garnish on sashimi, but as you can see below, I have implemented its use in a dessert.

Key Lime "Pie" [01.30.2011]

This plated dessert consists of crumbled graham cracker crust, key lime mousse, meringue, finger lime and rhubarb gelee.  The dessert is light - sweet yet tangy, but you get a punch at the end when you bite into the finger lime.  I think it's a nice little surprise for the unsuspecting. 

As you may be able to tell from my recently redesigned banner and page, I am really happy about how this photo came out.  It's clean and sharp and I love the contrasting pink and green colors. 

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  1. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I enjoy the idea of a plated dessert like that...mini pie :)