I ♥ Persimmons!

I figure I'd catch up on the Persimmon post I've been meaning to do for oh let's say about a month and a half.  Persimmons aren't a very common fruit which may have to do with it's short season of availability - October through December.  They are however very popular in Asia and ever since I was young, I looked forward to having this sweet fruit in the winter.  

The two major types are Fuyu, which resembles a squat tomato, is firm and non-astringent and Hachiya, which can be VERY astringent and should only be eaten when very soft and ripe.

Hachiya Persimmons [12.19.2010]

I absolutely love the Hachiya Persimmons and for the past few years one of my co-workers brings me some from her tree!  Now having the patience for them to ripen is a little torturous for me, but very rewarding - the pulp is so juicy and sweet!  I do have to restrain myself however from devouring the whole harvest so that I can make Persimmon Bread - another once a year treat!

Persimmon Bread [01.19.2011]

I use the James Beard recipe with a few little changes.  The bread comes out so moist that a few people have thought it was bread pudding.

I need to stop writing now - I'm getting sad that I won't have this again for a whole year.

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