♥ Valentine's Day and Some Whoopie!

I find it interesting to see to what degree others celebrate Valentine's Day.  Some go all out with the wining and dining while others verbally curse the Hallmark Holiday.

I personally take the middle ground - a thoughtful card and something meaningful.  But I do love any holiday where I can bake some treats to share with everyone important to me.

Chocolate & Raspberry Whoopie Pies [02.13.2011]

I found this the perfect opportunity to make whoopie pies - something I've wanted to make for years, but never got around to it.  The "Valentine" twist - raspberry flavored filling.

Although they are very cute in their own right and a classic American treat, I couldn't help feeling like a little magic was missing.  How could you not compare these little sandwich cookies to macarons?   Macarons are made with only the best ingredients and are so much more refined and delicate.  Hmmm...quite the parallel.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy some Whoopie!  ♥

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