Raspberry Mojito Float

Raspberry Mojito Float
Raspberry Soda // Mojito Sorbet
Raspberry & Lime Tuile
Fresh Raspberries // Lavender Mint 

There was an excess of mint at work the other day, so I was designated to figure out what to do with all of it.  A summer cocktail dessert, why not!?  It's perfectly refreshing for a hot day.  Although there is only a little bit of rum in the sorbet, it's also great with a little extra mixed into the soda!

Mojito Sorbet

1 c           Sugar
2 c           Water
1              Lime Zest
5 sprigs   Mint 
1/4 c        Lime Juice
1/3 c        Rum

Bring first 3 ingredients to a boil, turn off heat
Add mint, steep for 15 minutes
Strain and cool over ice
Stir in lime juice and rum
Churn in ice cream maker, freeze 

Raspberry & Lime Tuile [No artificial coloring!]

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