Fried Food Heaven or Hell...

depends how you look at it.

I visited the California State Fair in Sacramento this weekend with BFF and our boyfriends.  We all wanted to try the "Tornado Potato" after seeing it on one of those food shows a few years ago.  We ordered ours with a garlic and parmesan topping - it was quite the novelty, but delicious nonetheless!  This was just the tip of the iceberg of the fair's fried food offerings.  Anything that could be fried and even things you would never in your wildest dreams or nightmares imagine were being offered in a fried form - deep-fried Cheeseburgers, deep-fried Mac & Cheese on a Stick and deep-fried Cinnamon Rolls just to name a few!  Unfortunately, the heat in Sacramento got the best of us seasoned eaters and the only other thing we tried was the deep-fried Grilled Cheese.  It was actually really good, but enough for the 4 of us to share!

Besides the artery-clogging carnival food, the fair had a good number of rides, games and expositions to keep you entertained.  We gravitated to the grandstand to bet on some horses and the display of farm animals.  I was super excited to try my hand on milking a cow!  I mean, with my occupation, I should get to know the source of my ingredients, right?

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