Jamming 2012

For the last few years, I've been making preserves each summer.  This year I stuck to the two most popular flavors - Cherry Amaretto and Apricot Cardamom.  After making the two jams, I still had a few empty jars left, so why not preserve one of my favorite sweet condiments - Hot Fudge Sauce!

My friend Bonbini! has always enjoyed the jams I've made each year and wanted to try her hand at it, so we made the Apricot Cardamom batch together!

I designed the labels using Adobe Illustrator and some old photographs as a background.  My friend at PrettyPlease suggested that I use raffia to tie the onto the jars.  Aren't they just too cute!?

The preserves are in 4 oz. jars and sold for $5 each.  With 50 bottles made in total, I am nearly sold out thanks to all my amazing friends and family!  There are just a handful left, so contact me ASAP if you are interested.

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