♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Don't worry, I'm not some mushy girl that wants romance or grand gestures.  I just think that Valentine's Day is a great day to show your appreciation for someone you care about - not just your significant other, but your close friends and family.  Here are some goodies I made this year...they're great to share.  With that said, sorry if you didn't get any - I actually made these for work! 

Heart Shaped Raspberry Pate de Fruit

- 1000 g     Raspberry Puree
- 330 g       Apple Juice
- pinch       Citric Acid
- 133 g       Sugar
- 26 g         Apple Pectin
- 1250 g     Sugar
- 260 g       Liquid Glucose (Corn Syrup can be substituted for home use)

1.  Bring puree and apple juice to a boil
2.  In a bowl, combine citric acid, 133 g sugar and apple pectin - whisk into boiling puree/juice mix
3.  Bring mixture back to a boil and whisk in remaining sugar and glucose
4.  Cook to 107 Celcius
5.  Pour into a silpat-lined half sheet pan (It may not look like much, but this recipe will yield A LOT)
6.  Allow to set at least 4 hours, preferably overnight
7.  Cut with small heart-shaped cutters or into desired shape
8.  Toss in sugar to prevent them from sticking

Valentine Macarons 
"Sweet" Strawberry 
"Passion" Fruit
"Spicy" Chocolate

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