Lady :: Camila :: Red

After our doughnut making session about a week and a half ago, Cheryl sent me home with half a dozen of her "farm fresh" eggs on the condition that I eat them and not bake with them of course!  If you enlarge the pictures above, you'll notice 3 different colored eggs and some numbers penciled on them.  That's the number egg each chicken has produced and the date it was laid - a pretty organized system I would say.  Cheryl and her boyfriend actually have 3 chickens in the backyard of their San Francisco home:
Lady Gaga (One FUNKY Chicken) - White Leghorn with White Eggs
Camila - Araucana with Beige Eggs
Red - Rhode Island Red with Brown Eggs

These chickens provide them with about a dozen eggs a week - isn't that awesome!?  My boyfriend thought that was so cool and said that it would be perfect for me with all the baking that I do.  But, I'm terrified of birds, so I would have nothing to do with their care if we ever had chickens of our own. 

Now, I've cracked a lot of eggs in my career, but it doesn't take away any of the excitement when I have home grown eggs.  So the next morning, I was ready to dig in to them and decided to make a nice breakfast .  I wanted to enjoy my eggs as a Benedict and my boyfriend wanted the usual sunny-side up eggs.  So I cracked open two eggs revealing fresh, beautiful and extremely yellow yolks.  I made a small batch of Hollandaise Sauce from that.  (Don't worry, I didn't waste the whites - Crease enjoyed them later with his lunch.)  

Two more eggs went on a frying pan and the last two were to be poached.  I honestly have never poached an egg before, so I was a little scared of over cooking it, but it actually came out well - a nice runny yolk!  Since this was a "special" breakfast,  I went all out and made Hash Browns too.  I use a technique I learned from Irving Street Cafe to make my Hash Browns.

Thanks so much for the delicious eggs Matt & Cheryl - we really enjoyed our breakfast!  Can't wait to out next food adventure!


  1. Damn girl! Who taught you to cook eggs like that! You're a pro. beautiful pics as usual!