Doughnut Making Party! [FPP v1.0]

Cheryl w/ a Mini Choco Honey Glazed Doughnut
This has to be my quickest post in terms of the time I left the kitchen to the time I hit the keyboard.  But, I couldn't help myself - I had an absolute blast making doughnuts today with three fellow [PB] alumni!

Top Left (clockwise): Measuring Utensils, Donna Hay, Farm Fresh Eggs, Apple Fritters Proofing, Mise en Place
It all started when Sarah of S&S Brand picked up a copy of the Donna Hay autumn issue on doughnuts.  She figured that she couldn't stay at home and make a variety of doughnuts by herself, well she could, but that wouldn't be much fun.  So instead, she contacted two Pastry Chefs and our very own "Donna Hay."  After the hurdle of finding a day that we could all participate, the two Sarahs and I showed up with ingredients and bubbly ready to fry in the kitchen of our gracious host Cheryl.

We attempted 5 different recipes, but a typo on one recipe messed up our Little Custard (Lemon Curd) Doughnuts.  Unfortunately, those ended up in the compost bin.  The Little Custard Doughnuts recipe on Donna Hay's website however is correct and works well as a base doughnut that can be cut to the shape of your choosing, filled with whatever you like and dusted with your sugar of choice. 

The Final Products:

Apple Fritters & Caramel Filled Chocolate Doughnuts
Strawberry Jam Doughnuts
Mini Chocolate Honey Glazed Doughnuts
My favorite was the Strawberry Jam Doughnuts followed by the Minis (they're just so cute!) and the Caramel Filled ones.  The dough itself is not very sweet, so the addition of jams, glazes and caramel won't make your teeth tingle.  That being said, the apple fritters were quite sour since we used Granny Smith Apples - perhaps a sweeter apple next time.  After the sugar rush, we had some much needed and much deserved tacos for dinner - the perfect end for our perfect day. 

Like I said, I had an amazing time and so did the other lovely ladies!  Thank you Cheryl and the Sarahs for such a fun-filled day in the kitchen!  We already have our next event on the calendar, so you'll have to stay tuned to see what the next theme is...trust me, you'll love it!

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  1. Great entry Laura.I had a great time too, I took some donuts to my friends and the line cooks at Paragon and they loved them! See u next time!