What is Urbandig?

"It's handcrafted 'off the beaten path' city experiences delivered right to your phone."

Basically, it's an iPhone app launching this month that I'm happy to be a part of!  Bloggers have created "tours" in major cities for you to explore.  For instance, I'm the author of the SF Frozen Scoop Tour and my friend Rebecca of BexBites is the author of the Spotted Dish Tour.  I'm pretty excited for this since I haven't seen the app yet and it's such a great idea to have YOUR interest mapped out for YOU right at your fingertips.  So, what are you waiting for?  Find out what my favorite Ice Cream places are in SF, WHAT I love about them and WHY I love them.

Add your email address to the list by clicking the following link and you'll be the first to know when it launches!

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