Straight From the Source

I was lucky enough to be gifted a can of maple syrup straight from the source - Quebec, Canada.  I vowed not to open it until I found the time to make yeast waffles from scratch. Boy was it worth the wait!  I made Belgian Waffles topped with gently Whipped Cream and a Homemade Blueberry Compote.  Right before digging in, I drizzled it with the rich Maple Syrup

I used the following waffle recipe:

0.25 oz   Active Dry Yeast
1t           Dark Brown Sugar
1/2c        Warm Water
1c           Warm Milk
1c           Warm Cream
2             Eggs, rt
1/2c        Butter, melted/cooled
2c           AP
1t            Salt
1/8t         Baking Soda

Combine first 5 ingredients, let stand for 5 min
Beat in eggs and butter
Combine dry ingredients and add to yeast mixture just until combined
Cover and allow to double, 45 min
(I turned on the heater and placed it in front of a vent and it took 15 min)
Cook according to your waffle maker

*I like to dust the waffle iron with sugar before pouring on the batter for an unmistakable crunchy and chewy exterior.

The waffles come out extremely light and fluffy on the inside.  They also hold up very well, so I would recommend making a double batch at least.  They can be frozen and heated up in the toaster - just as good the second time around...I promise!

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  1. Those waffles were amazing! I loved your blueberry sauce...