In a previous post, I shared this picture of Banoffe Pie from Co. in NYC.  It was the perfect marriage of bananas, coffee, graham crackers and hazelnuts - in other words, I absolutely loved it!

After making a coffee flavored pastry cream this weekend for another project, I noticed that I had some very ripe bananas sitting on my counter.  Immediately, Banoffee Pie was triggered in my mind.  I didn't really have enough of anything to make an entire pie, so instead I made a few parfaits layered with smashed bananas, coffee creme legere (pastry cream lightened with whip cream) and graham cracker crust crumble.  Alas, I didn't have hazelnuts at home, but if I did, I think they would have been amazing caramelized!  Nonetheless, this was delicious and simple.  I only intended to try one bite, but I just couldn't stop!  I honestly can't wait to make this again with some planning, however, it could be quite dangerous to have around the house!

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