Trials and Tribulations of Ice Cream Cake

Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream Cake

I made this cake at the request of one of my friends.  The base is two layers of devil's food cake sandwiched by a thin layer of chocolate caramel.  That served as a platform for sliced almonds and homemade fudged folded into coffee ice cream.  The cake was then coated in a chocolate frosting and finished with a white chocolate birthday plaque and chocolate cigarettes. 

Now for the trials and tribulations...I've made ice cream cakes before, but it didn't dawn on me until I started making this one that I didn't frost any of those (they were all glazed) and that they were all served at home (meaning that they didn't have to be transported).  Frosting the cake was definitely a challenge.  I don't make very many cakes, so it takes me a while to "crumb coat" a cake, but I had to work fast because I was dealing with ice cream.  Also, since it is so cold, the frosting gets difficult to work with because it hardens up quickly.  After crumb coating, I put the cake back into the freezer for about an hour before frosting the cake with a design I saw on Pinterest.  It seemed like an ideal design - quick (for the time-sensitive project) and unique!  As for transportation, I lucked out.  Although it was one of the hottest weeks that San Francisco had seen in quite a while, I had just received a package in a styrofoam crate that I was able to put the cake in.  It gave me some piece of mind on the 20 minute drive to my friend's house.  Luckily it made it in tact, all worked out well and Jason had a sweet little ending to his birthday dinner. 

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