Easter Brunch

At work, we offered a special Easter brunch today.  I was quite excited when I was asked to make desserts.  I've never done desserts for a buffet style service before, nor have I ever made quite so many bite-sized sweets.  I suppose the excitement got the best of me because I didn't really want to make the cookies or brownies asked of me.  Instead, after a little brainstorming, I made 3 different "Easter/Spring" themed mini-desserts - 200 of each.

Carrot Cake 
Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting // Candied Walnuts // Edible Flowers

Thyme Infused Lemon Posset
Thyme Macerated Strawberries // Fresh Thyme

Chocolate Egg
Chocolate Pot de Creme // Caramel // White Chocolate Crunchy Pearls // Maldon

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