Before I Say Goodbye to 2010

Now that I have a moment to look back, the past few months feel like a blur - time just seemed to go by so fast.  In that blur however, the moments that do stand out are the awesome times I've spent with family and friends - both new and old.  I even experienced something completely new and foreign - someone making dessert for me to enjoy!

After my family's Christmas dinner, I crashed the celebration my BFF's family was having.  Her brother Jimmy was making chocolate souffle and I didn't have to lift a finger!  It was entertaining to say the least...for you kitchen folk out there, he whipped the meringue by hand!  What a workout - I was tired just watching...

Here's the finished product - it tasted as good as it looked!  The warm chocolate souffle was served with vanilla bean ice cream - delicious!

I really love the feeling of making desserts for others to enjoy, but wow, it is even more amazing to have someone make dessert for me to enjoy.  Good times - thanks for the hospitality! 

So, goodbye 2010 - Thanks to all my friends and family who actually read my ramblings.

Have a fabulous 2011!

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