Hammond's Candies

I spent a recent weekend in Colorado, more specifically Denver and Boulder.  One of the "sweet" highlights was a visit to Hammond's Candies factory and retail store.  Here's a short video of sugar being pulled to incorporate air giving finished candy canes it's shine and opaque color.

Below are some photos from the factory tour - I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures.  A candy maker at Hammond's is in charge of a batch of candy from start to finish.  And although they have an extra hand while forming, they are trained to do every step of the job.  They definitely take their candy seriously because each candy maker is trained for a few years before they are put in charge of a batch.  

A heated work table to ensure candies do not harden before they are formed
Teamwork & Assembly Lines

Seeing the factory brought back memories of culinary school for me.  I haven't made many confections since then and this sparked my enthusiasm a bit...we'll see what comes of it.  

Although other sweets are made, Hammond's claim to fame are their Candy Canes.  They're larger than the usual and come in endless flavors.  I wish I had taken pictures in the store to share with you, but here are some that I came home with...don't forget yours before the holidays sneak up on you!

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