Fun with Fondant

 Lauren Decorating Cupcakes [08.26.2010]

Our family friends were visiting from Vancouver last month.  Lauren (12 years old) wanted to play with fondant.  I thought of two mini projects we could decorate together.  Ahead of time, I baked two dome cakes and a dozen cupcakes.  I showed her step-by-step how to make a ladybug out of one dome and she decorated her own.  She is awesome - you could barely tell the two apart!  Most of the people in culinary school aren't as good at following an example as she is...we should hire her at the restaurant for sure!  :)  We also decorated some cupcakes with flowers - she picked and created the colors herself.  

Unfortunately I don't have any hi-res photos of Lauren's work since it was night time, but here are my finished products...

Ladybug Cake [08.27.2010]

Fondant Flower Cupcakes [08.27.2010]

I had an amazing time working with Lauren in the kitchen.  I can't wait for her next visit - hopefully she'll still be into baking!

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